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Marysville Garage Doors | How To Transform Your Garage Into a Recording Studio

A garage can easily be transformed into a functional space as part of an existing home. It can be transformed into a recording studio the DIY way, or by hiring professional services. A plan should be formulated for the new space and followed in a logical manner when transforming garages into recording studios or any other kind of functional space.

1. Make a plan for the transformation from the beginning to the end. Note additions or alterations that have to be made on the garage’s electricity wiring as well as plumbing. Make sketches of the plan or fire a professional architect to do the drawing; the plan will be needed when applying for permits.
2. Replace the garage door first. Frame the door and close it off. Install outside doors and windows.
3. Add power, climate control as well as water to the garage. A plumber should be hired to extend the water pipes and an electrician to add new circuits to the garage. If necessary, new lighting and outlets for electricity should be installed.
4. The garage’s interior space should then be enclosed, new walls constructed for storage spaces or any other extension needed, and interior walls dried. Exterior walls and ceiling of the garage should be insulated thermally and if necessary, a skylight can be installed to let in natural light into the recording studio.
5. Replace the concrete flooring with engineered wood, tiles or carpet. Furring strips should be underplayed before building up the floor to the level of the new door and insulation laid in between the strips.
6. Appliances and fixtures like countertops, cabinets, and bathroom amenities should be installed if featured in the plan designed at the start.
7. Working from the ceiling to floor, give a finishing touch to the ceilings, walls and finally the floor. Before covering the floor, the walls should be covered with either wallpaper or paint. Interior doors, trims, moldings and electrical fixtures should also be installed lastly.

Marysville Garage Doors | How To Winterize Your Garage

When the winter comes about, no one needs a teacher to understand that it is the time for cold and flu infections– the season when most people get sick and vehicles don’t function properly.

There are various ways to prepare for the winter in order for your vehicle to have the protection needed to stay out of harm’s way, one of the ways being to winterize your garage. Winterizing your garage makes it more energy efficient to keep your vehicle warm.

Your garage is a good part of your home, though usually doesn’t get the same attention as other sections of the home, however it needs to be taken care of if you don’t want to see something bad happens to you or your vehicle during the winter season.

The following tips will enable you learn a few ways to winterize your garage for greater result.

How do you winterize your garage?

  1. To winterize your garage, you need to pay  close attention to doors and windows of your garage. Each door should have a professionally installed deadbolt and be kept locked. Curtains could be used to make the garage more energy efficient.
  2. Block all air leaks: one or more air leaks could forfeit your plan. Therefore, look for leaks in the garage and put a simple rolled up bath towel to block them.
  3. Always have your garage doors and windows shut tight: this is one of the most common ways to winterize your garage. It is a costly mistake to forget to close the garage doors and windows. Make sure you them before turning in at night and before going out in the morning.
  4. Clean your gutters and vacuum water away: You might ask why you have to clean gutters and vacuum water close to your garage; but actually, clogged gutters cause ice dams on your roof which tends to influence snows.

Trim trees with branches close to or over your roof. During winter, it is not the best of ideas to have any branches near the roof of your garage, windows, or driveways. If there are any, trim them back to help properly winterize your garage.

Marysville Garage Doors | Should I Insulate my Garage Door?

Garage door insulation can be a key component to consider when you own a home that features a garage door. Many people have asked whether or not they should insulate their garage doors. The typical response is a definite yes. The general weather conditions and temperature of your location can also largely affect this answer. However, generally, most will find that garage door insulation comes in handy both for the warm summer months as well as the more icy winter ones. Garage door openings are so large that they will often allow much of the outside air into your home without the proper insulation. Therefore, if you wish to save on energy costs and better equip your home for the weather, you should invest in garage door insulation.
Insulating your garage door properly can save you on your energy bill a great deal. No matter what you garage door consists of, it is very important to have a form of insulation. With the air flow that travels in and out of a garage, you will likely find a major discrepancy with huge differences between the desired indoor temperature and that of the outdoors if you do not have garage door insulation. During the winter months, the cold and moist outdoor air can spill into your garage and affect your car and its condition. Whether it causes your electronics to malfunction or negatively affects the look of your vehicle, you simply cannot afford to ignore the positives of garage door insulation.
When a garage door is placed under or beside a bedroom, you will also find a need for this type of insulation. If it is not covered properly, the temperature in your garage may effectively leak into that of your surrounding rooms. Garage doors that are well covered will better normalize the temperature inside both your home and your garage which keeps extreme heat and cold from affecting your family. If located in a part of the country that sees frequent snowstorms and/or blizzards, insulated garage door panels may even make a difference in your family’s safety.
Besides attempting to improve the control of temperatures within your home, another vital benefit of garage door insulation is the reduction of noise. The insulation for garage doors comes with a padding of materials such as foam, wood, and cloth that effectively reduce outside noise that may be affecting your home. When you have a garage door that is located near or next to a bedroom, you may also notice a disturbance when it comes to outside noise. For this reason, garage door insulation can become a great tool for sheltering your family from such nuisances. By covering your garage door properly, you will help to reduce the noise coming from outside which allows you many benefits.

Marysville Garage Doors | Is my garage door supposed to make a “popping” noise?

No, of course not. Your garage door isn’t supposed to make any noise when you open it or close it. The possible cause of this noise could be your rollers. Check your rollers to see if they have been worn out. If that’s the case, you will need to replace them. “How do the rollers wear out?” you might ask. Well, let me explain. Eventually, due to constant friction and the pressure of opening/closing your garage door, your rollers start to wear out. You can keep adding lubrication to have another “barely making it” week with the rollers, but sooner or later, as with all materialistic things in life, there will come a time for replacement. Take the opportunity to replace the rollers so that this would not affect you in the long run if it starts affecting other parts to your door. If you can’t do it yourself, call a professional garage door technician to do the job for you. While you have the technician there, make sure you have him check all parts of your door to be sure there will be no more unexpected repairs to worry about later on. It will save you time and money to have it taken care of sooner rather than later.

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